New Fabric Collection and Magazine Feature!

Greetings to you from a sweltering September day in Southern California! I have no air conditioning in my house and it's been a particularly hot summer here. Despite that, it's been a wonderful few months filled with a good mix of work and play. I hope you all had a nice summer too! I wanted to share my new fabric collection, Wild Wonder, which is available for preview on the Clothworks website and will be coming to quilt shops starting this winter. You can click here to see the entire collection. I also have a Wild Wonder Daily Planner and Monthly Planner available in my Etsy shop!

©Anne Was Here 2014

I also got some great news this week that my debut fabric collection, Lady Bug Blooms was featured in the October 2015 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine! Clothworks wrote a bit about it on their blog, if you'd like to read about it you can here.

APQ Anne Was Here

Directions Notebooks for Studio Oh!

This is a notebook set that I licensed to Studio Oh! They make really great products and I am so proud to be working with them. They support/work with many talented independent artists including, Katie Daisy and Helen Dardik. Be sure to check them out! ©Anne Was Here

Tutorial: Part 2 - Extracting a Half Drop Repeat from Photoshop

Due to many people asking me the same question, I have created a part 2 to my tutorial on creating a half drop repeat in Photoshop. This second tutorial shows how I extract my seamless pattern tile from my pattern design. Click here for the video.Part2_Cover

Valentine's Day Stationery

I stopped in Homegoods today and was excited to find several of my Valentine's Day designs that I did last year for Molly & Rex. They may also be available at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for a limited time. ©Molly & Rex | Designed by Anne Was Here

My First Fabric Collection!

This is something that has been in the works for quite some time but I've had nothing to show for it until now. I am over the moon excited to tell you that I have my first fabric collection, Lady Bug Blooms, available through the fabulous Clothworks! You can see the entire collection online here! The collection will be available starting this summer. I would love to see any creative projects that are completed with it, so please share them with me any quilters and sewers out there! I've got a couple  more collections in the works so stay tuned for more. ©Anne Was Here 2013


New YouTube Channel & Tutorials

Hello! I have started a YouTube channel where I will be posting process videos and tutorials aimed at helping other artists. I have learned so much from artist friends sharing tips and tricks about their processes, I wanted to find a way I could give the same kind of support to other artists. I have two videos up so far. The first is showing my process for creating a half drop pattern repeat in Photoshop. The second shows how I go about doing a reverse image search on google to check for unauthorized instances of my art online (previously posted). Click here to visit my channel or the image below to start watching! Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 9.38.23 AM

Keeping Track of and Protecting Your Artwork Online

Are you an artist who posts images of your work online and wants to monitor how and where it is showing up on the internet?  One reason for wanting to keep track of your art online is the ability to track positive instances of sharing, such as finding that it has been posted on a popular blog. My Society6 sales have been boosted unexplainably a few times and I was able to find the reason for the boost by doing a reverse image search on Google Images. The second reason for tracking your art online is to make sure no one has copied or stolen it. My artwork is stolen off of my Society6 shop by a new person or company on a regular basis and I've found that I have to be vigilant to keep track of it. If you'd like to know how you can do a reverse image search with your art you can watch my video here. Every time I have done this process, I have found an illegal instance of my artwork! I hope you find this quick tutorial helpful.Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 1.17.17 PM

Let's Make Something

I am so lucky to have so many creative friends. One of the best of them is Lisa, who is a graphic designer AND photographer. She is equally talented at both and it's not fair, I know. Check out her awesome creations at Last time we got together we said, "Let's make something!" So we went to Color Me Mine and hand painted some plates. Below are the before and after pics. Lisa's is the floral and mine is the goofy horse. It was fun but it also made me realize how talented traditional artists are. I am almost entirely digital these days and control Z (undo) has become my best friend. You can't control Z a hand painting. All you fine artists out there are amazing!ColorMeMine

Crazy Cats Cuckoo Clock

I just couldn't get enough of Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells e-course so I signed up for Part B and Bootcamp! There are so many crazy good artists taking the course, including a few that are well known. Working alongside these artists, is as much an education as the class itself! The first assignment from bootcamp was to create a phone case featuring a cuckoo clock. Lilla also challenged us to use new and trend forward colors, which I really struggled with. I've included three different versions of the phone below. Let me know which is your favorite! I ended up submitting the crazy bright one for the final. I also was inspired to make the design into a real clock, which is now available in my Society6 shop at It is also available on other products, including the iphone case. CuckooClockCats


I won first place in my first ever entry in a Spoonflower contest and I'm over the moon! My design is available for purchase on fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap & more! Thanks to everyone who voted for my design, your support and encouragement mean so much to me. XOWinnersCircle designChallenge TopTen

Iphone 5s

I ordered a new iphone today and I paid a million dollars for it.  Just kidding.  Not a million, but it felt like it.  Like many of you I now primarily use my iphone as my camera, and so I am constantly running out of storage space.  Oh you wanted to take a video of your adorable dog?  Well you can't.  Because you already took 100 videos of your adorable dog and there isn't any more room. So I ended up getting the new iphone 5s with 64gb so that I will have room for all of my shenanigans.  And it was expensive.  Ouch.  So now on to more important things, like, what case am I going to get?  Here is a new one I designed that is now up on Society6.