Valentine's Day Stationery

I stopped in Homegoods today and was excited to find several of my Valentine's Day designs that I did last year for Molly & Rex. They may also be available at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for a limited time. ©Molly & Rex | Designed by Anne Was Here

Let's Make Something

I am so lucky to have so many creative friends. One of the best of them is Lisa, who is a graphic designer AND photographer. She is equally talented at both and it's not fair, I know. Check out her awesome creations at Last time we got together we said, "Let's make something!" So we went to Color Me Mine and hand painted some plates. Below are the before and after pics. Lisa's is the floral and mine is the goofy horse. It was fun but it also made me realize how talented traditional artists are. I am almost entirely digital these days and control Z (undo) has become my best friend. You can't control Z a hand painting. All you fine artists out there are amazing!ColorMeMine

Art Show!!

Hi Friends!  I am participating in my first ever art show this month! My amazingly talented friend and coworker, CJ Metzger and her sister, Miss Mindy, are headlining this show and have invited several artist friends to join them.  You can check out CJ Metzger's enchanting work at ArtShowPromo

I was invited to create an ornament for the show and here is a peek at what I am contributing.  I had so much fun making these that, if I have time, I am going to try and make a few more.


Lilla Rogers Studio School

If you don't hear from me for the next five weeks starting on Monday, do not be alarmed. I am taking Lilla Rogers online course, Make Art that Sells, and I am probably going to spend every waking minute that I am not at work, doing classwork. I am SO excited. I haven't even started the course yet and it has already inspired me to push myself to be better at what I love to do. I'll be posting some of the work I do for the class in the coming weeks so stay tuned! GoingToSchool


I won first place in my first ever entry in a Spoonflower contest and I'm over the moon! My design is available for purchase on fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap & more! Thanks to everyone who voted for my design, your support and encouragement mean so much to me. XOWinnersCircle designChallenge TopTen