Keeping Track of and Protecting Your Artwork Online

Are you an artist who posts images of your work online and wants to monitor how and where it is showing up on the internet?  One reason for wanting to keep track of your art online is the ability to track positive instances of sharing, such as finding that it has been posted on a popular blog. My Society6 sales have been boosted unexplainably a few times and I was able to find the reason for the boost by doing a reverse image search on Google Images. The second reason for tracking your art online is to make sure no one has copied or stolen it. My artwork is stolen off of my Society6 shop by a new person or company on a regular basis and I've found that I have to be vigilant to keep track of it. If you'd like to know how you can do a reverse image search with your art you can watch my video here. Every time I have done this process, I have found an illegal instance of my artwork! I hope you find this quick tutorial helpful.Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 1.17.17 PM