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Roadmap to getting your illustrations on products

In this class, I will show you the steps I took when I started out to get my illustrations onto products including how to identify your target markets, establishing an online presence, how to find potential clients, and how to schedule portfolio development and submissions.

By the end, you’ll be able to fill out your own roadmap to achieve your goals as an illustrator!

hand painted greeting card desig

Follow along as I go in depth into my artistic process for creating a professional hand painted greeting card design. I cover everything including concepting, sketching, painting, scanning, digitizing in Photoshop, printing out for personal use, or mocking up and presentation for commercial use. In the end you’ll be able to design your own hand painted greeting card. Students in this class should have beginner to intermediate sketching, painting and Photoshop skills. This is a companion class to Become A Greeting Card Designer, in which you can learn the business side of greeting card design.


Do you know you have the talent and the ideas to create amazing greeting cards but have no idea how to get your designs into stores? Then this is the class for you! I have hundreds of greeting card designs that are currently being sold in major retailers world wide. In this class I share my step by step process for how to research and concept saleable greeting card designs and I also provide actionable strategies for submitting them to companies who can get your designs into stores. Students who take this class should already have the artistic skill (this is not an art class) and basic Photoshop skills.


Illustrated maps are in high demand for both products and publications. Even for a seasoned illustrator, the first time illustrating a map can be daunting. In this class, I share a series of steps I developed through my extensive map making experience to streamline the process. This class is best for people who already know how to illustrate in Photoshop, but are new to the map making process or want to learn efficiencies. The methods can also be applied in Adobe Illustrator or even with traditional media with some adjustments.


In this class I share my behind the scenes process for turning sketches into digital illustrations in Photoshop. Learn shortcuts, tips and tricks along the way that will streamline your design workflow. This class is perfect for artists, designers and traditional media illustrators who already know how to draw but want to learn to turn those drawings into professional level digital illustrations. More experienced students will benefit from learning new methods and tricks for illustrating in Photoshop to work more efficiently.