My Greeting Card Line with Studio Oh!

I've just added my new greeting card line with Studio Oh! to my shop. These are some fun alternatives to your standard greeting card. They are super high quality textured paper with either foil embellishments or embossing. Each card comes with an envelope and envelope seal. Hope you love them! You can get them here. xo


Elephant1_AnneWasHere Elephant2_AnneWasHere Yay1_AnneWasHere Yay2_AnneWasHere Awesome1_AnneWasHere Awesome2_AnneWasHere Yolo1_AnneWasHere Yolo2_AnneWasHere BirthdayBear1_AnneWasHere BirthdayBear2_AnneWasHereMakeAWish1_AnneWasHere MakeAWish2_AnneWasHere